Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Records Free (EHR)

For Patients, Physicians, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Dentists, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centers, Radiology Centers and other Healthcare Professionals.


For physicians and other providers

  • Very secure with multiple security features
  • Accessable from anywhere at anytime online
  • Free ePrescription (Electronic Prescription), provider can send prescription electronically to pharmacy or print
  • Free test request, provider can sent send lab or radiology requests electronically
  • Patient Organizer
  • Scheduler (Watch Demo)
    • Schedule unlimited number of patients free and manage time efficiently
    • Patient could sent request for schedule online from free patient account's at nirvor.com
    • Customizable time slots
      • Block time slot or day as needed
      • User friendly settings
      • View patient lists by day, week, month
      • And other features
    • Message Center (Watch Demo)
      • Communicate with patients, physicians and other providers quickly and securely
      • Transfer medical documents to patients, physicians and other healthcare providers securely
      • Any physician and other healthcare providers can use this service free.
      • For other features, please See demo

For Pharmacy

  • Pharmacies can receive electronic prescription for patient online from physicians and other providers
  • Manage medication inventory electronically free
  • Communicate with other healthcare providers electronically and securely
  • For other features, please See Demo
  • Free signup

For Diagnostic Centers and Medical Labs

  • Diagnostic Centers can receive requests for medical Lab tests electronically
  • Communicate with other healthcare providers electronically
  • For others features, please See Demo

Electronic patient discharge system

For Patients

(All features are available in web nirvor.com now, some features are not available in Nirvor app at this time. Those features will be available in nirvor app within short time.)
  • Our mission is to provide a free smart patient account at Nirvor.com for every individuals in the world.
  • Patients can allow his physicians to access this account, so they could add all information related to health and medical care after office visit or discharge from hospital.
  • We help physicians to create accounts for patients and add health information.
  • Any patient can create an electronic personal health chart by signing up free as patient from Nirvor.com or Nirvor app (Android)
  • Very secure with multiple security features
  • Accessable from anywhere at anytime online
  • Dr. Chronic Disease feature will help patients to track and manage their chronic medical problems like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and others
  • Patient Chart (Watch Demo)
  • Find best physicians, other healthcare providers and organizations
  • Add rating and write reviews
  • Schedule appointment with healthcare providers online and pay less