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Nirvor helps authors and publishers of any language around the world to convert their new and existing books to eBook and sell those to the readers around the world. Author/publisher can set the price per download. Total revenue for the author/publisher will be transferred to them at the end of the month.

Prepare you Contents

1. Prepare Contents

Compose your book. Proof Read and Convert as Portable Document Format (PDF). Create Book Cover and write details about your book.


2. Sign up

Signup at Sign agreement with Nirvor to Publish books.

Publish Books

3. Publish

Upload book information, cover photo and Book Content (PDF file), set pricing. Once uploaded your book will be encrypted, digitally signed and stored in secure server.

The book can ONLY be read using Nirvor eBook Reader or Nirvor App

Contact for any questions

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Nirvor eBook Reader is a Windows based desktop application. It allows readers to download and read Nirvor eBook. It is free!

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